Why Hike Started

Started from tough times.

March of 2021 was one of the toughest times of Derek's life. He was lost, weak, and didn't know his future. His family was broken. But, then...

He asked God, what now?

Awhile back God gave me a vision that included me walking around the room checking in on my team all from the viewpoint of being just outside a glass door with my logo on it, looking through it. No additional details. No clarity on what that logo looked like or whom was on the team. I didn’t even know what I founded and what we were working on. 

Then some tough decisions were made.

I left my job as the lead designer at my church. There was this fire in me where it felt more comfortable to take a step of faith and leave a high paying and stable job to do something on my own. I’ve always wanted to take something I’ve done on the side further. So I started down the path of putting more effort into my freelance work. But, I was lazy and stressed. I became easily frustrated with my wife. Our marriage needed work. In my head, having a more stable job was the fix.

It wasn’t.

She asked for a divorce, moved out weeks later, and months would go by.

I leaned more into my relationship with God. Then, one morning I asked Him to give me clarity on what I need to focus on when it comes to work. That’s when something only I would understand and know happened while getting a snack after my workout at a nearby convenience store.  That’s when I received the answer to work on an app to help families better communicate and understand each other. 

It all started to make sense.

I know I was created to be creative. I know I wanted to make an impact on our world with my skills and talents. I’ve always wanted to create an app because of how useful and attainable it can be. I know my family was and is broken.

A version of this idea actually started two months before she told me the hardest sentence I've heard to date. Her and I both came from broken families and we really didn’t want to continue that pattern.

This didn’t go as I had hoped. The damage was done. It was left unattended for too long.

I know God has something great planned for my next marriage. In the meantime, I’m going to help many families alongside my best friend.

With the help of many, we’re building a place for families to feel heard.