December 10, 2022

Think Spring

We promised you another update for 2022. Unfortunately, beta isn't ready yet.

Derek J
Derek J
Founder & Designer

Oof. What a couple weeks it's been. We honestly haven't had the time to work on Hike since our last update, but here's the latest update as we promised.

Not ready, yet :(

Unfortunately, Hike won't be ready for beta testing in 2022. 

Our personal lives and full-time jobs definitely kept us busy and unable to make any progress with Hike. We truly wanted to give you and your family and opportunity to try it out during holiday break.

While life made it difficult to work on the Hike app for all of you, we did make an update to our website showcasing a preview of the app that you can actually play around with (it's a sample logbook) and a list of features (even some future ones for the fun of it).

What to Expect in 2023

  1. Hike will have a beta for you and your family to try
  2. During beta period you will have the paid plan for free (more details later)
  3. There will be a way to give us feedback within the app
  4. Think Spring :)

We're truly grateful for your patience. The goal would to one day work on Hike full-time. Until then, we will continue to be eager and patient. 

Hope you and your family have a great time completing 2022.

We'll chat again soon.

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