Our Values

What keeps us accountable.

Establishing values during the foundation of what we're building towards our vision matters. These are our values that keep us accountable.

Your family needs you

You shouldn't feel bad for having to decide between tending to your family and work. Your family needs you. We can feel like family, but that's different.

Private-first approach

While the world begs for everyone knowing about everything we think anything you do should be visible to you only by default.

Intentionally designed

There is a reasoning behind what we design. We don't follow trends. And we don't just design something to design something.

Humility to grow

Hiding behind your pride isn't healthy and doesn't help us work towards our vision. Humility helps us grow together.

We're all human

While there is a great purpose for artificial intelligence we do the unscalable, human approach when it comes to doing the right thing.

Proverbs 16

The idea of Hike was sent by God. In every new thing we seek God for guidance and you should do the same.

Equity over equality

We are all different. What matters is that we are all given equal opportunity to reach an equal outcome.

Multi-directional honor

Respecting everyone even if you agree or disagree with them, you're in a higher role, or you're in a lower role.